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Yup! We Just Have to Be Picky.


6/2/20242 min read

Have You Got Game!?

When it comes to video games it's hard to quantify my love for them. It's harder now to judge just how much they mean to me mostly because of the time it takes to play them these days. There's almost always something more important that needs doing, and the games are almost always open world with literally thousands of things to do. So, it feels like an impossibility to sink your teeth into a modern game. Even with portable gaming hardware like the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Lenovo Legion Go and ASUS ROG Ally that have enabled us to take these adventures on the go. Games are just too much a responsibility when we already have so many.

So my approach to gaming has evolved, maybe yours has too. Maybe you're like me and started as a child with marathon gaming sessions that would last for hours and hours on end (p.s. if that's you message me and let's talk classics!), or maybe you were always a casual gamer and managed to maintain a healthy balance between gaming and everything else. In any case, the fact remains that however you're consuming your games, it still takes a ridiculous amount of time to experience them fully.

I Have A Solution!

Just stay tuned here at Allday Artistry! I'll be curating a selection of games that have managed to truly stand out from the crowd. There's always going to be those AAA games that spend massive amounts of money on ad campaigns. We'll here about them one way or another, but this is for the games that may never reach the masses but totally deserve to. Games that you can play and that won't take you until you're 60 to complete. That's my vow to you as fellow gamers, dope games that won't break your bank, are easily devoured, innovative, beautiful, and most of all fun to play!

To start off I'd like to introduce a game called "Cookie Cutter". It's a Metroidvania styled action-adventure game featuring a vibrant, beautiful, and gory hand-drawn art style. It follows Cherry, an android girl on a quest to rescue her kidnapped creator, Dr. Shinji Fallon. The gameplay includes intense combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving, with a mix of quirky characters and a unique storyline.

The gameplay is slick, the controls are responsive and tight, the art work is absolutely gorgeous, and most of all it's fun! Do yourself a favor and check it out on PC, PS5, or Xbox Series.