Artistic Inspiration

I remember exactly when my mind was blown.

5/24/20241 min read

I was three years when I saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theater, and I was changed forever. It was my first experience in a movie theater. From then on I was trying to make my own movies with whatever I had. My mind had been so completely blown by the atmosphere of the theater, the darkness, the volume, it made the movie feel like it was happening to me.

My obsession with the big screen translated very quickly to the little screen, and even quicker to paper when I learned that with a pencil anyone could draw. I would draw everything that caught my eye, but mostly Mickey Mouse. I got my first spanking for wandering away from my mom to draw Mickey for the ladies at the counter of a department store while she was shopping.

It was safe to say I was hooked. I've quite literally been mesmerized by art since then. The ideas, the creativity, how everything comes together to make something absolutely transformative. I truly love it.

There have been many many artists that have blown my mind, and I'm hoping you'll stick around to find out more. Who knows, maybe you'll find something that inspires you.