A True Art Legend -Tsuguyuki Kubo

The Artist That Shaped A Golden Age Of Cartoon Televison

5/24/20241 min read

While growing up no artist shaped my love for cartoons more than Tsuguyuki Kubo. Kubo is responsible for animating some of my very favorite cartoons. His work tends to capture a sense of the way things feel instead of the way things actually look or happen. It's addicting to watch. Here, I dare you to get through the intro of Thundercats and not appreciate how well the animation holds up today. It's dynamic, cinematic, and the way action should be animated. I love it.

So many works have been shaped in some way due to Tsuguyuki Kubo lending his pen. He's worked on Naruto, Boruto, Macross, Bleach, Darkwing Duck, Thundercats, Speed Racer and the 1977 animated version of "The Hobbit" to say the least.

If you haven't seen the animated version of The Hobbit, I have to recommend it for the art alone. Kubo's distinct style is very much on display here. The above scene is a perfect example of how Kubo injects exquisite detail into simple designs that truly capture the heart of each character.

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